Software to increase ambulance efficiency


Why RigPlenish

Be there when lives are at stake

Customize Forms
Mechanical, BLS, ALS, and CCT forms can be customized at a per ambulance level.
Prefill Information
Latest inspection report for an ambulance is automatically populated and emergency personals can add their changes.
Track Assets
Enter expiration dates for each equipment and add milestones for services for each ambulance.


Track breakage in ambulance
Report any issues or breakages in the ambulance. Supervisor can then have those issues fixed and also have a report on which ambulances are facing the most issues.
Expiring Medications
Get reports for expiring medications for the next 60 days. Using this data you can manage your inventory more efficiently.


Work Offline
All work can be completed offline and synced up once internet is avaliable.
PDF documents for all reports will be accessible from the supervisor's portal for 90 days.
Mechanical Breakages
Track all your breakages from start to finish.
User Management
Each user can have their UI customized to their day-to-day activities.